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FRB-MTE-OFB call "Impacts on terrestrial biodiversity in the anthropocene"


The projects are currently under review:

the final selection will be announced early April


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  • Deadline for submission of pre-proposals:  October 22nd, 2021 at 13:00 CEST 
  • Selection of pre-proposals and Invitation to submit a full proposal: December 3rd, 2021   
  • Deadline for submission of full proposals: January 27th, 2022, at 18:00 CET
  • Announcement of results: mid-march 2022


The FRB was created in 2008 and brings together public research organisations, environmental protection associations, space and biological resource managers and companies. The mission of the Foundation for Biodiversity Research is to support and act with research to increase and transfer knowledge on biodiversity. It is a focal point between science and society for the challenges facing biodiversity research today.

The CESAB (CEntre for Synthesis and Analysis of Biodiversity) was created in 2010 by the FRB to promote high-level research activities dedicated to the synthesis of ideas and data analysis in the field of biodiversity. Located in Montpellier, CESAB provides a place and time for experts of all nationalities, to collaborate and capitalize on existing data to answer a major scientific question. CESAB supports groups of international experts who synthesize ideas, concepts and data to significantly advance the knowledge front on key questions posed at all spatial or temporal scales in the general thematic field of biodiversity. Members of the CESAB groups share their expertise and pool available data to answer these questions

The MTE is the state department in charge of preparing and implementing the government's policy in the fields of sustainable development, the environment, in particular the protection and enhancement of nature and biodiversity, green technologies, the energy transition and energy, climate, the prevention of natural and technological risks, industrial safety, transport and its infrastructures, equipment and the sea. Within this department, the Water and Biodiversity Directorate (DEB) is responsible for designing, evaluating and implementing policies concerning water, natural areas, and terrestrial and marine biodiversity. The meaning of its action consists in seeking a relevant territorialization, an increased transversality between the various components of ecological quality, a development of expertise to serve decision-making, the integration of environmental issues as early as possible in development or urbanization projects and the reconciliation of daily actions of exploitation and anthropization of the territories with the objectives of protection of the environments and recovery of their biodiversity.

The OFB (French Office of Biodiversity) focuses on knowledge and expertise on all components of nature. It contributes to the exercise of administrative and judicial policies relating to water, natural areas, wild flora and fauna, hunting and fishing. The OFB accompanies and supports public actors in the design, implementation and evaluation of their policies, and socio-economic actors in their activities in favor of biodiversity. It also manages and restores protected areas, marine areas and terrestrial protected areas.








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